wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2012

From now on: blog updates (also) in English!

Flickrowi znajomi odwiedzają czasem bloga i skarżą się, że nie rozumieją nic z moich nieodmiennie polskojęzycznych wpisów. Postanowiłam więc od tej pory dodawać do postów także krótkie komentarze po angielsku. Tak więc od dzisiaj...

Some of you, dear flickrers, visit the blog too and complain about not understanding a single word from my entries. So I decided to write posts in English too. This is for you, guys!

So, to make it short: my latest pictures were all taken in Kazimierz Dolny nad Wisłą, a tiny little town in southeastern Poland, famous for it's well preserved old town, art galeries and excellent cafes and restaurants. The three of us (I mean - Szymek, me and the bunny) spend there lovely four days in April. The tourist season hasn't started yet and the city was quiet and peaceful.

We had a great time taking photos, going for long walks and simply doing nothing. Apart from the bunny, of course - he was bouncing, running like crazy and following first sign of spring. BTW, some bunny pictures are still to come!

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